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The Child ID that millions of parents have chosen. The ideal "do-it-yourself" I.D. for a lost child, medical emergencies, travel, and school field trips. (English and Spanish)

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TWO FREE Yello Dyno Quick Response Child Y.D.I.D. Cards -
English and Spanish
The Yello Dyno Quick Response Child Y.D.I.D. card is the most convenient and effective form of child identification, because parents and guardians carry the I.D. cards in their purse or wallets just like a driver's license.

Instantly provide identification of a lost or missing child to authorities. For maximum benefit, the Yello Dyno Quick Response Child Y.D.I.D. card contains the exact information that is required by authorities to find a missing child. Emergency Instructions for what to do if your child is missing are on the back of the card.

Make a FREE ID card for every parent, caregiver, grandparent and for your child too. (You supply the wallet size (school photo) for the ID.

FREE Yello Dyno Safety Guide - English or Spanish Version
Help prevent your child from becoming missing, abducted or abused. Includes invaluable guidelines for locating a missing child.

A. What A Parent Needs To Know
B. What Your Child Needs To Know
C. What To Do, Step-By-Step, If Your Child Is Missing
D. What You Need To Know About Parental Abduction

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