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FREE Tricky People! Lesson DVD and Lesson Plan
Experience how effective the Yello Dyno Method™ is by teaching the video lesson Tricky People! with the Teacher Friendly Lesson Plan and Script (for grades 1, 2 or 3).

Description: This 15-20 minute Tricky People! lesson has been presented tens of thousands of times. Tricky People, Identifying Deceptive Behavior, is the first of the three core fundamentals of The Yello Dyno Method™. Without the ability to recognize deceptive behavior, children are unable to protect themselves. Using the Yello Dyno character and presenting the knowledge in song and dance helps remove fear and ensures that the information is accessible in times of crisis.

Following the lesson plan, children role-play tricks and, of course, Yello Dyno reinforces the Safety Rules. After the dance scene on the DVD, members of the Yello Dyno Band review behavior that means danger and key tricks used to lure kids: Compassion, Authority, and Bribery plus the invaluable Safety Rule, Take Three Steps Back and Run Like the Wind! Although specific tricks are taught, children easily apply the concept of Tricky People to anyone who means them harm, such as a bully, drug pusher, child abuser, etc.

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