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Registered Sex Offenders

FAQs - Texas
Texas Sex Offender Registration Program

How can I search for sex offenders?

How does the Texas Department of Public Safety keep track of sex offenders?

Convicted sex offenders are required to register with local law enforcement in the jurisdiction where they live. That information also is provided to the Department of Public Safety, which maintains a public database of names, crimes and addresses.

How long are offenders required to be kept on the sex offender registry?

Registry requirements can be anywhere from 10 years to life, depending on the crime.

What are the state laws concerning sex offenders and children?

Paroled sex offenders are not allowed to be within 500 feet of any place where children are known to congregate. This is known as a “Child Safety Zone.” Offenders who are placed on probation also may be ordered by a judge to avoid children, but once the offender has completed their sentence, there are no regulations preventing them from being around children.

How are Risk Assessments Defined?

Risk levels as defined by Texas statute are as follows:

High (Level 3): a designated range of points on the sex offender screening tool indicating that the person poses a serious danger to the community and will continue to engage in criminal sexual conduct.

Moderate (Level 2): a designated range of points on the sex offender screening tool indicating a moderate danger to the community and may continue to engage in criminal sexual conduct.

Low (Level 1): a designated range of points on the sex offender screening tool indicating that the person poses a low danger to the community and will not likely engage in criminal sexual conduct.

What kind of notice is provided to the community when a registered sex offender is released from prison?

If an offender is deemed likely to commit another crime, postcards with the name of the offender and a photo are mailed to homes within three blocks of offenders in municipal areas and within one mile of offenders in rural areas.  

Pursuant to Chapter 62, of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, the Crime Records Service of the Texas Department of Public Safety is furnishing additional public notice for certain sex offenders. This notification supplements the Department's Sex Offender Registration website and is separate from any local law enforcement notification activity, such as websites, newspaper publication, public meetings, etc.  This notice will be mailed in the form of a postcard and will contain all public information captured in the Sex Offender Registration database as well as a photograph, when available.  This additional public notification will only affect current registered Sex Offenders who Are civilly committed as sexually violent predators or are evaluated and assigned a Risk Level 3 and were convicted of a sexual related offense on/after January 1, 2000.

How long does a sex offender have to register?

Adult sex offenders register either for life or ten years following discharge from state supervision (i.e. incarceration, parole, or community supervision). Lifetime registration is required for some offenses.  Juvenile sex offenders, those who register on the basis of an adjudication of delinquent conduct, register until the 10th anniversary of the date on which the disposition in their case was made or the juvenile completes the terms of the disposition, whichever date is later.

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