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School Shootings

What could be more alarming than back-to-school advertising for bullet-proof backpacks? But, arming ourselves with facts about school shootings and shooters can help provide far better protection.

10 Myths about School Shootings
The profile of the gun-toting student in a trench coat is just one of the myths about the rare but murderous attacks in the nation's schools. This report by Bill Dedman of MSNBC addresses ten myths, beginning with "He didn't fit the profile."

Anatomy of Violence
Pathological genes, a disturbed mind, social isolation and a gun culture are not enough. Mass murders also need the individual will to pull the trigger. Newsweek report by Sharon Begley and the accompanying graphics on the Anatomy of a Murderer.

Report to the President - Virginia Tech Shooting
This is a comprehensive report on key findings, common themes, recommendations and conclusions of issues raised by the Virginia Tech tragedy.

Safe School Initiative Interim Report
A summary of a U.S. Secret Service Safe School Initiative Interim Report: Prevention of Targeted Violence in Schools

Safe School Initiative Final Report
From the U.S. States Secret Service and the U.S. Department of Education, this report covers the Implications for the prevention of school attacks in the United States.

Chronological List of School Shootings
Beginning with October 1997 in Pearl, Mississippi, through April 18, 2007 in Huntersville, NC. Tragically, it is unlikely that we will ever be able to keep this list current.


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