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Sherman County eNews
 . . . Serving Sherman County and the region
(April, 2009)

Team Dyno Can’t Keep a Secret!

"Yello Dyno" Spring Music Program will be presented by North and South Sherman Elementary Schools’ students at Sherman Jr. Sr. High School April 21, 2009 @6:30 p.m., conducted by Lorraine Consoliver Sherman County Music/Band Teacher.
Kathy Neihart, co-owner of the Lean-To Cafe in Wasco, has just discovered the biggest secret in town...."Yello Dyno"! Wanting to show her support, she inquired as to how she could contribute to this amazing Child Safety program that has educated more than 180 children in Sherman County.  When asked if she would be willing to make a cookie donation for the coming Yello Dyno Spring Concert, she eagerly offered up no less than 20 dozen of their best!  You don't come across that kind of generosity everyday! Team Dyno members are proud to accept this donation and share it with the children and members of our community during a one of-a-kind event this coming Tuesday evening.  
Come and discover for yourselves what Sherman County’s kids have been learning on Tuesday April 21, 2009 at 6:30 p.m. at Sherman Jr/Sr High School Gymnasium.
Team Dyno  received a cash donation of $100.00 from community members Jerry and Dawn Lohrey in support of the program. Without the amazing loyalty of local citizens, organizations and businesses, the Yello Dyno Method would not be active in our schools today! We would like to show everyone the difference this program is making in Sherman County and to thank you for your loyalty throughout the past year. It has been consuming and often times challenging, but always rewarding. A huge "Thank You" to school district staff and administration, as well as preschool staff and leadership, for your cooperation. It is making a positive difference in the lives of Sherman county kids.
~ Team Dyno: Donna Lohrey, Erin Stone, Ruth Bourgeois, Kathy McCullough, Fred Blakely, Katie LaDouceur, Elizabeth Mills, Tina Kaseberg, Heather Grenvik and Dorene Macnab.

Yello Dyno Joins the Parade in Perryton, TX
(August, 2007)

Janice Marshburn, Volunteer Coordinator of the Panhandle Crisis Center in Perryton, Texas, was kind enough to share these photos (including Yello Dyno holding her 8-month-old grandson) taken at a parade during their annual "Wheatheart of the Nation Celebration."

Janice stated, "Our parade was a smashing success. We all had a lot of fun and the Crisis Center won first place! Several parents took pictures of their children with Yello Dyno. It was a great day!"

Having taught the Yello Dyno curriculum to approximately 1,000 students in various elementary schools during the past 1-1/2 years, Janice is a dedicated advocate for child safety.

Yello Dyno Travels from North Carolina to Honduras
(July, 2007)

Kelly Barry (MSW, LCSW, GC-C) Special Projects Manager for The Family Center of Charlotte, North Carolina, was kind enough to send us her photos and commentary about a recent trip she took with Yello Dyno at her side:

"This past July, I and Yello Dyno took part in a trip with Torch Missions to Honduras, where we visited with many children who loved Yello Dyno. We were able to teach them to sing 'My Body's Mine' and passed out coloring sheets and stickers. ...In Hospital Escuela, this was the first time they saw a 3-foot yellow dinosaur puppet. While in the Oncology ward, the children's faces lit up with joy and excitement at meeting Yello Dyno."

Kelly also shared this information about the Yello Dyno program in her home state: "I just wanted to thank you again for all of the assistance you provided me ... to implement the Yello Dyno program... We presented to 10,302 in 86 schools and 511 classrooms. We went back to over 25% of the intitial schools for a follow-up test, and had a 91% recall/retention rate."

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