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"I always read your Yello Dyno Memo tip to toe. There is no better e-zine out there for child safety... Your stuff is tough, factual, and fun - and we love it." - Hjordes Norman, educator & parents

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Experts Review Yello Dyno

1. New York City Department of Education Testimonial

2. New York Department of Education:
The Office of Youth Development and School Community Services for the New York City Department of Education the largest school district in the United States, states: "Yello Dyno has very good Program Plan, very good Organization Capacity, very good Demonstrated Effectiveness and very good Fiscal."
- The largest school district, New York City, has an enrollment nearly 24 times as big as the 100th-largest district, St. Paul, Minn. - The American School and University, Mike Kennedy, Sept.1, 2002

3. Dripping Springs ISD, Texas:
"Your research and dedication to this curriculum is wonderful. We have been teaching the lessons consistently for 5 years on our campus, and the kids love it.It's amazing how much they remember from year to year.. I have had children disclose a variety of personal interactions with Tricky People (bullying, physical and sexual abuse).How I wish I had had this curriculum and knowledge when I first began counseling.
-Traci Henze, Counselor, Dripping Spring Primary School, TX

4. Harlandale ISD, San Antonio, Texas:
"Children are better able to analyze situations and recognize danger. Some of my students have already applied The Yello Dyno Method to unpredictable, real-life situations and stayed safe."
Judith Pfeifer, Guidance Counselor, Harlandale ISD, San Antonio, TX

5. School District 20, Board of Education, City of NY "We have used the Yello Dyno Program in Community District 20 for the past three years and are consistently satisfied with it. Their approach is entertainment driven and completely non-fearful. The easy to use materials and concepts along with the teacher and parent workshops... give us the tools and the knowledge to help our staff educate our students about personal safety as well as reinforce this information for life long retention."

6. School District 20, City Of NY: "We highly recommend the Yello Dyno program to any school who is looking for a proactive plan to protect their children from people meaning them harm."
- Vincent Grippo, Senior Superintendent, Community School District 20, Board of Education, City of NY

7. Diocese of San Antonio, TX: "I am happy to remind all of us that Yello Dyno has been part of the philosophy and training method of VASE since day one. This would make a nice handout to parents of children 3-8 years of age. Jan even offers a trial package for her materials. VASE has two sets of Yello Dyno materials and a mini-curriculum is provided to every coordinator. Anyone needing help or info is invited to contact Jan Wagner directly. She is committed to child safety and has helped our Archdiocese anytime we asked … We are so blessed with quality assistance, I just had to jump in with gratitude. Please read this brief newsletter."
- Judy Perillo, Coordinator Office of Safe Environments, Diocese of San Antonio, TX

8. Expert in Pre-indicators of Violence: "...I've reviewed many programs aimed at kids. I was most impressed with a series called Yello Dyno. It is a musically-based educational system that helps children remember important safety information."
- Gavin deBecker, Leading expert on predicting violent behavior and author of the best-selling books Gift of Fear and Protecting the Gift

9. "It has paid off. Two of my students were able to react appropriately when approached in our local mall by a stranger. As a result of their knowledge the man was arrested. Later it was discovered that he had a prior arrest involving children."
- Mandy S. Crosland, Guidance Counselor

10. "It helped me recognize and get out of a dangerous situation. Yello Dyno's lessons are good safety reminders for teachers too. I used 'take three steps back and run like the wind' to get away from a potenially dangerous man."
- Kristine North, Teacher

11. "The Yello Dyno Program is one that I believe in and use with my own son."
- Dr. Laird P. Warner, Superintendent

12. "It really works. A student was in the hall when a construction worker knocked on a locked door to be let in. The child took three steps back and ran to tell me that there might be a 'Tricky Person' at the door. I went and let the worker in; however I highy praised my student for putting his learning into action."
- Diane Rangel, Teacher

13. "My kids feel safer and closer to me. The kids in my class feel much safer and they now speak right up to me if they have a problem. Every child should be given the opportunity to learn from YD."
- Dora Soret, Teacher


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Pictured: The Tricky People Grade 4-5 Curriculum
The Yello Dyno Puppet is a great addition for PreK through 3rd Grade but is not required for presenting
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