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"I always read your Yello Dyno Memo tip to toe. There is no better e-zine out there for child safety... Your stuff is tough, factual, and fun - and we love it." - Hjordes Norman, educator & parents

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The Yello Dyno Method™

The Yello Dyno Method™ is the foundation for all anti-victimization programs. Without it, other
anti-victimization lessons are incomplete.

The fundamental fact is:
If children do not recognize
that they are in danger,
it doesn't matter
what techniques or rules
you teach them.

The Yello Dyno Method™ Diagram

The Yello Dyno Method ensures your children automatically recall right action and act on it in a crisis.
Scientifically based on the Nobel Prize-winning research of Dr. Roger Sperry
concerning the functional specialization of the cerebral hemispheres and the internationally recognized research on children in crisis of Dr. Bruce Perry.

It works in real life because the information is stored in the part of the brain that activates in the "fight or flight" response."

The A-B-C-D's of How It Works

A. Children Have a Right to be Safe
First, a child learns what personal safety is and that they have the right to be safe.

B. The Three Core Fundamentals
We teach the Three Core Fundamentals that underlie all types of personal safety, whether it's abuse, sexual abuse, molestation, bullying, Internet safety or violent kids. Children learn:

1. Identifies Deceptive Behavior
It's not what people look like, their age, or how well you know them - it's what they ask you TO DO that matters. (Song: Tricky People!)

2. Restores Instincts and Feelings
How to trust and act on their natural instincts and feelings to protect themselves. (Song: We Trust Our Feelings)

3. Builds Self-Confidence
If they feel valuable, they feel worthy of being safe and they will act to protect themselves. (Song: My Body's Mine!)

Children can then sense, recognize, understand, accept, and trust warning signs. Yello Dyno defines and exposes Tricky People and corrects the outdated concept of Stranger Danger.

C. Powerful, Scientific, Musically- Delivered Knowledge
Knowledge is power. Knowledge removes fear. Music is the best way to learn and REMEMBER safety rules. But safety knowledge can not be taught the same way you teach English or math.
The knowledge has to be stored in the part of the brain that takes charge when a child is fearful or anxious. That is why Yello Dyno teaches safety lessons through music. Music ensures automatic recall of right action in a crisis. Children remember what to do to stay safe and they do it.

D. The Safety Rules
Because children love characters, and an atmosphere of fun removes fear and improves the ability to learn, the Safety Rules are presented by that Purveyor of Protection, that Paleozoic Personality, that foot-stompin', tail-thumpin' Safety Maven o' Soul, Yello Dyno!

Research Explains the Power of The Yello Dyno Method™

"If a child has information stored in cortical areas but in the specific moment is very fearful, this information is inaccessible. In this regard, cognitively-stored information does little good in the life threatening moment."

"Information learned in song, rhyme or rap is more easily recalled when in a state of high arousal (anxiety). This is due, of course, to the fact that this information is stored in a different fashion than traditional verbal cognitive information."

- Bruce D. Perry, Ph.D.,Civitas Violence and Childhood Trauma: Understanding and responding to the Effects of Violence on Young Children

The Yello Dyno Method™
is Incorporated in All the
Yello Dyno Lessons



Learn why Yello Dyno will help you keep your students safe. (three-minute video)

YELLO DYNO PRO CURRICULA BROCHURE four-page color brochure (155K - includes Curricula Descriptions, Benefits and Key Expert Quotes.
Adobe Acrobat Reader Format

Pictured: The Tricky People Grade 4-5 Curriculum
The Yello Dyno Puppet is a great addition for PreK through 3rd Grade but is not required for presenting
the programs.

True Story: Another event, another crowd, and another "little" hero confirms Dr. Perry's research: There's a big festival and thousands of people are there. I turn around and my four-year-old daughter is gone. I panicked. She's all alone in the midst of a giant crowd. So what goes on in a four-year-old's mind at a time like this? "I was singing the song, 'If Your Parents Get Lost'."

She looks around, finds a policeman and tells him, "My mommy's lost, but it's okay because she'll be back real soon!"
It's almost verbatim quoting of the lyrics from Yello Dyno's song, If Your Parents Get Lost. She wasn't scared. I was the one who was in hysterics and crying and it's so funny because she looked at me and said, "It's okay, Mom." And she started laughing and said, "That's just like the song, 'You'll be laughing and crying.' I never understood that, but now I know what it means!"
Angie's Story

Watch Students Learning

Yello Dyno Kinder Graduation
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Yello Dyno Kinder Graduation
(Windows Media Movie)

Yello Dyno PreK-1 Safety Party Curriculum Being Taught
(Quicktime Movie
Yello Dyno PreK-1 Safety Party Curriculum Being Taught
(Windows Media Movie)

These lessons are the foundation for all
anti-victimization programs.


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