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About Our Movie, Sound and Document Formats Online

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Downloading Movies or MP3 Audio Files
When you see a link that says Download, the movie or sound file will be downloaded to your computer. Once it's downloaded, you can then use the appropriate player to play the movie or sound file. The advantage to downloading is that the file will remain on your computer and you can quickly play it whenever you want to.

When you download a file, it may not play automatically. In fact, you might think that nothing happened, but, in fact, the file download is in progress. Downloaded files are sent to the location that you have specified in your browser. This location is where all downloaded files go. By default, it is the Desktop. However, your browser preferences may be set up to send downloaded files to a different location.

After you download a file, you may notice that it is zipped. This is most common with movie files. Zipped files have a .zip extension at the end of the file name. Depending on your computer's setup, zipped files might be unzipped automatically or you may need to unzip them manually.

While we have made every effort to compress audio and video files and still leave you with a good sight/sound experience, most video files still take time to download. Please be patient. You will be well rewarded.

MP3 Audio
When you see this trumpet icon, you can click to hear a sound file. The sound format is MP3.
MP3 sound is a high quality compressed sound that is widely supported on the Internet. Your browser needs to be set up to play MP3 sounds. If it is not, when you click on the trumpet, you will just get a blank popup window and will hear no sound. There are several ways that you can enable your browser to play MP3 sounds. Any one of the following programs will support MP3:

QuickTime (Mac and Windows)
Windows Media Player (Mac and Windows and Solaris)

For faster downloads (translation: to save you time), our MP3 files are sampled at 22 kHz (as well as other compression protocals to minimize file size). The actual musical products are substantially higher quality than sample files used on the Internet.

QuickTime Movies
When you see this QuickTime icon, you can click on it to see a movie.

This format plays streaming movies. (Streaming means that your movie will start playing before all of the movie data has been transferred to your computer). This allows the movie to start playing sooner. The faster your Internet connection, the sooner the movie will start playing.

If you do not have QuickTime installed, please click on the following link
(note: QuickTime will play both movies and mp3 sounds):

QuickTime (Mac and Windows)

For faster downloads, our Quicktime Movies are highly compressed. The actual video products are substantially higher quality than sample files used on the internet.

NOTE: Streaming audio and video is still developing on the worldwide web. Depending on your bandwidth, files may "hang" or seem bumpy while playing. If a control strip is showing on your media player, you can replay the file after it finishes loading. It should then play smoothly.

Acrobat Reader PDF Document Files
Special reports and other information downloaded to your computer may be in Adobe Acrobat format. They will have a .pdf extension at the end of the file name. You will need Acrobat Reader to view these files. To get Acrobat Reader for your computer, simply click on the link below.

Adobe Acrobat Reader