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"I always read your Yello Dyno Memo tip to toe. There is no better e-zine out there for child safety... Your stuff is tough, factual, and fun - and we love it." - Hjordes Norman, educator & parents

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Raising Safe Kids by Jan Wagner, Yell Dyno Founder, featuring a foreword by Gavin de Becker, best- selling author of The Gift of Fear.
To download Gavin's Intro
Acrobat pdf format - 56K

This indispensable handbook, Raising Safe Kids on personal safety, is included in every Yello Dyno Pro Curriculum.


"We have used the Yello Dyno Program in Community District 20 for the
past three years and are consistently satisfied with it. Their approach is entertainment driven and completely non-fearful. The easy-to-use materials and concepts along with the teacher and parent workshops... give us the tools and the knowledge to help our staff educate our students about personal safety as well as reinforce this information for life long retention.

We highly recommend the Yello Dyno program to any school that is looking for a proactive plan to protect their children from people meaning them harm." - Vincent Grippo, Senior Superintendent, Community School District 20, Board of Education, City of NY

Welcome New York Educators

Child Exploitation, Abduction and
School Violence Prevention
Education Program

You can bring Yello Dyno into your school district with funding from the No Child Left Behind Act, as well as the NYSED Child Abduction Prevention Education Program. This Child Abduction Prevention Education grant has funded the Yello Dyno Program in over 75 school districts in the past six years. Sampling of New York Child Abduction Prevention Education Grant Recipients.

Our New York State Director for Yello Dyno, Michael DeLuca, can assist you with a wide range of funding and grant writing assistance. For example: "Artists in Schools" Programs, Extended Day Violence Prevention, the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001
Sample Grant
for Title IV Part A- Safe and Drug-Free Schools & Communities Funding, and 21st Century Funding. FS 10 Form (pdf). For proposed budget for state and federal projects: NYC Board of Education Contract #9301245 and NYC Board of Education Vendor #113248992

Yello Dyno's programs, curricula, products, and training have been offered in thousands of North American schools, benefiting more than three million children. Over 1000 schools in New York State have successfully implemented Yello Dyno Curricula and/or Programs.

Contact Information
New York Educators please contact:
Michael De Luca,
New York State Director
Call (888) 821-3818
Email to:
Email to: Su

Michael, Juliet, Brielle, and Ariana De Luca.
Michael De Luca is your Yello Dyno-New York State Director and a member of our Advisory Board.

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New York Child Abduction Law

Watch Students Learning
Yello Dyno Kinder Graduation
(Quicktime Movie)
Yello Dyno Kinder Graduation
(Windows Media Movie)
Yello Dyno PreK-1 Safety Party Curriculum Being Taught
(Quicktime Movie
Yello Dyno PreK-1 Safety Party Curriculum Being Taught
(Windows Media Movie)

Samples of curriuclum for
Child Abduction Prevention Grant:
The Safety Party - Grades K-1 (pdf)
Yello Dyno Sez - Grade 2 (pdf)
Can't Fool Me! - Grades 2-3 (pdf)
Tricky People! - Grades 4-5 (pdf)
Play It Safe On The Internet - 4-6 (pdf)

Yello Dyno Founder Child Abuse Prevention
News release Video Clip:
Attempted Abduction: 9-year-old boy uses Yello Dyno skills to escape.

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Grant Writer Information
New York Child Abduction Law
Funding Sources (Title 1-7 )
Safe and Drug Free Grant & Waiver Allocations for Federal (NCLB)
Programs for Public and Nonpublic Schools

NY State Research Based, Extensive

NY Media
The Post-Standard
The Post-Journal
Greater Johnstown SD
The Daily Star-Oneonta
Cortland Standard

NY Testimonials
NYCity Department of Ed Testimonial
Bath Police Department

Eastplain PTA
Coordinated School Health Center-Long Island Region

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