Dear Corporate Sponsor,

With the recent tragic stories of missing, abducted and abused children, corporations are joining hands with their schools by helping to fund curricula to educate children in personal safety. (Name of your organization) would like to ask you to join us in our efforts to bring the Yello Dyno Child Safety Curricula to our school.

(The Heidi Search Foundation and The San Antonio Rape Crisis Center teach the Yello Dyno Curricula in many schools in San Antonio as a one-class-a -year program. This is a great beginning but children need repetition and reinforcement of the safety knowledge. Counselor Judith Pfeifer, from another San Antonio School District (Harlandale), seeing how the curricula fit the new state mandate for Texas State Counselors, has taught the curricula as a 9 lesson block for grades PreK-5th for the last two school years. Based on her success with the children’s experiences of avoiding danger, the Harlandale School District is making the Yello Dyno Curricula available for all their counselors. The Bob Lewis Elementary School does not have funding for these curricula this school year. That is why we are requesting financial aid.) This paragraph should be personal info about Yello Dyno Programs that are being used in your region or districts. (Contact us for info if needed)

The Yello Dyno Curricula is well documented in its success with helping to keep children safe. Since 1987, Yello Dyno's Curricula and Programs using a non-fearful approach to a difficult subject have been taught in thousands of North American schools. They have helped educate, empower and build the safety life skills and self-esteem of more than two million children. Although anti-victimization is the emphasis of the lessons, character building is an integral part of the Yello Dyno curricula. Children learn with Yello Dyno that they are worth keeping safe. Honesty and not telling lies are addressed as children learn about “Tricky People!” Conflict resolution is addressed when children learn how to recognize dangerous behavior, prevent conflict, and how to step out of dangerous situations. Another invaluable result of the Yello Dyno Curricula is that children naturally open up and are more likely to maintain communication with teachers and adults. Communication is key to preventing and resolving problems of peer pressure, drug abuse and other pre-teen and teen issues. We hope you will join our efforts to keep the children at the (Name of your organization) safe by helping us fund The Yello Dyno Curricula.

Thank you for your consideration,

(Your name and title)

P.S. Today's violence nearly always finds its roots in yesterday's child abuse. The most inexpensive and effective method of preventing violence is by preventing child abuse. The Yello Dyno Method, the solution for child abuse prevention, is included with the Yello Dyno Pro Curricula Brochure.