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"I always read your Yello Dyno Memo tip to toe. There is no better e-zine out there for child safety... Your stuff is tough, factual, and fun - and we love it." - Hjordes Norman, educator & parents

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Raising Safe Kids Parent Workshop

The workshop is designed not only to inform parents, but to help them reinforce the knowledge with their children.

Parents learn the power of the Yello Dyno's highly effective, entertaining, and non-fearful approach to children's personal safety.The best method for insuring that their children retain the knowledge if they are in a crisis. How to Prevent abduction and abuse, 8 of the Red Flags™ for identifying child predators, the methods used to trick children, and 15 powerful personal child safety tips they can teach their children immediately. Plus a special section, Play It Safe on the Internet, has up-to-date, easy to understand the problems on the web and easy to implement action steps to keep their children safer while surfing the web.

With this powerful and informative multi-media PowerPoint presentation you will be able to select the sections you wish to present and give 20 to 90 minute presentations.

There are 3 sections:
1. The research-based Yello Dyno Method: is highly effective for teaching children safety lessons.
2. Preventing Abduction and Abuse: includes 15 child safety tip, 8 of the Red Flags™, signs of child abuse, how to prevent non-custodial kidnappings, and how to find registered child predators in your neighborhood.
3. Play It Safe On the Internet: makes it easy for parents to understand the problems on the web and protect their children online.

Workshop Materials
The Teacher Parent Workshop Lesson Book includes a Teacher's Script
Raising Safe Kids Parent Workshop Power Point CD
The Tricky People! DVD
The Can’t Fool Me! DVD
The Can’t Fool Me! CD
The Book: Raising Safe Kids In An Unsafe World
Yello Dyno’s Fun Way to Safe Kids Song and Lesson Book
Safety Rules! Jumbo poster for classrooms
(full color, 17 X 22)
The Eight Special Reports
(excellent handouts for parents)

Note: Some materials are repeated in all curricula so several different teachers in the school can reinforce the lessons. Example: The video, Tricky People!, can be used by a substitute teacher. The music can be played while students are working on projects or music teachers can teach the safety songs. Materials can also be put in the library for parents.
















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Each curriculum has a pop up window with the description of the lessons on Educator Ordering.

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Download Sample Lessons, review the curricula, educational materials and training available on Educator Ordering.

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Yello Dyno Kinder Graduation
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