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"I always read your Yello Dyno Memo tip to toe. There is no better e-zine out there for child safety... Your stuff is tough, factual, and fun - and we love it." - Hjordes Norman, educator & parents

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Safety Party!

(Grades PreK-1)

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See the flash card version of the Yello Dyno Safety Party! curriculum being taught using the Yello Dyno puppet. (2-minute video)
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Safety Party! Curriculum
In addition to the award-winning DVD and music, young children will be captivated by the bright and fun flash cards. A special bonus with this lesson is Yello Dyno's friendly voice on the Safety Party! CD. He personally reinforces the key lessons using catchy, mnemonically crafted phrases that are woven with music and sound effects to make young children relax and laugh as they learn. This curriculum can be taught with or without the Yello Dyno puppet but there is little doubt that Yello Dyno empowers the Safety Rules! This curriculum comes in two formats one is the flash card version that we just described and the other is a PowerPoint with the flash cards, Yello Dyno's voice, music and DVD lessons embedded in it.

9 Key Safety Rules Are Taught:
Invaluable lessons, plus key safety rules provide a new level of knowledge as children are able to take on more responsibility for their own safety.

1. You have the right to be safe.

2. How to do the Yello Dyno Yell.

3. Tricky People: it's not what they look like that matters, but what they ask you to do.

4. Always ask first.

5. Take three steps back and run like the wind!

6. Don't keep secrets that make you feel unsafe.

7. Whom to turn to for help.

8. Trust your feelings.

9. My Body's Mine, Mine, Mine!

Curriculum Materials
: PowerPoint Version
• Safety Party Lesson Plan & Teaching Script
• PowerPoint CD (Includes 2 DVD, 10 musical lessons by Yello Dyno himself, plus 3 songs from the Can't Fool Me! CD all embedded in the PowerPoint)

• Reproducible Masters of Handouts and Quizzes
• Can’t Fool Me! CD
• Can’t Fool Me! DVD or VHS
• Raising Safe Kids! Teacher/Parent Handbook
• Safety Rules! Poster
• Fun Way to Safe Kids Song & Lesson Book

Why the Yello Dyno puppet is recommended for teaching the
Safety Party!

Kids love characters. Yello Dyno represents positive social values and dependability. The Yello Dyno character has been carefully designed by children, child professionals, and professional character designers. He is a rock solid character who delivers fun and unforgettable safety awareness to children. Kids feel safe and fall in love with "that Purveyor of Protection, that foot stompin', tail thumpin' Safety. Take a look at the video clip at the top of this page to see just how wonderful it is to teach with Yello Dyno.

Fun Way To Safe Kids
Coloring and Quiz Book

An effective and fun way to reinforce retention of eight key lessons to help children stay out of harm's way. Compliments the Safety Party! and Can't Fool Me! curricula. Great for parents to reinforce the knowledge at home.

Note: Some materials are repeated in all curricula so several different teachers in the school can reinforce the lessons. Examples: the Can't Fool Me! DVD can be used by a substitute teacher; the music can be played while students are working on projects or music teachers can teach the safety songs. Materials can also be put in the library for parents.

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" The Yello Dyno Program is one that I believe in and use with my own son. I highly recommend it to any elementary school that is concerned about the safety of its children. thank you for your help."
- Dr. Laird P. Warner, Superintendent,
Rose Tree Media School District, Media, PA

Links to products that go with this curriculum:

Coloring and Quiz Book to go with the Safety Party! Curriculum

The Yello Dyno Puppet is wonderful with this curriculum.

Yello Dyno Curricula Brochure Protecting Children from Child Predators

The Flash cards are included in the flash card version of the Safety Party or can be order separately on the curricula support page.

The PowerPoint Safety Party Curriculum
The Yello Dyno Puppet sold sepaarately.

Yello Dyno Curricula Brochure Protecting Children from Child Predators

YELLO DYNO PRO CURRICULA BROCHURE Click image to download 4 page color brochure (155K)
Includes Curricula Descriptions, Benefits and Key Expert Quotes.
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