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"I always read your Yello Dyno Memo tip to toe. There is no better e-zine out there for child safety... Your stuff is tough, factual, and fun - and we love it." - Hjordes Norman, educator & parents

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Yello Dyno Light Curriculum
(Grades PreK-6th)

Children learning My Body's Mine!

The Yello Dyno Light Curriculum is the perfect package for PreK – 6th when there is limited time to teach the child safety information. Easily taught in one-session. The materials can be shared by several teachers. All lesson guides are easy-to-use and age-appropriate. 

PDF of The Yello Dyno Lignt curriculum with price, components and lessons taught.

PDF of sample invoice of the Light Curricula

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Yello Dyno Light Curriculum Materials-Grades PreK-6th includes:
1. Yello Dyno Music Curriculum-Grades PreK-1
2. Can’t Fool Me! DVD- Grades 2-3
3. Tricky People! Mini Lesson- Grades 2-3
4. Tricky People! DVD- Grades 4-6
5. Raising Safe Kids! Book- Parent/Teacher Library Checkout

The Yello Dyno Method™
is taught in every curriculum.

True Story
It paid off. Two of my students were able to react appropriately when approached in our local mall by a stranger. As a result of their knowledge, the man was arrested. Later it was discovered that he had a prior arrest involving children.
- Mandy S. Crosland, Guidance Counselor, SC

"I want you to know that my principal, Sue Cummings, made a point to tell me that whatever it was I taught during the Yello Dyno lessons really stuck. The troopers who brought "Trooper Bud" this morning were so surprised that every child who volunteered to answer and demonstrate what to do if a stranger approached them responded with "3 steps back and run like the wind!"
- Nancy Hoxworth, School Counselor, Fowler Elementary School, TX













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Each curriculum has a pop up window with the description of the lessons on Educator Ordering.


True Story
"It really works. A student was in the hall when a construction worker knocked on a locked door to be let in. The child took 'three steps back' and ran to tell me there might be a 'Tricky Person' at the door. I went and let the worker in; however, I highly praised my student for putting his learning into action."

Yello Dyno Can't Fool Me! Curriculum
The Yello Dyno Light Curricula

Each curriculum has a pop-up window with the description of the lessons on Educator Ordering.

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Watch Students Learning

Yello Dyno Kinder Graduation
(Quicktime Movie)
Yello Dyno Kinder Graduation
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Yello Dyno PreK-1 Safety Party Curriculum Being Taught
(Quicktime Movie)
Yello Dyno PreK-1 Safety Party Curriculum Being Taught
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