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Yello Dyno Sez! Curriculum
(Grade 2)

The heart of play is pleasure - an important component in learning

Children learning from Yello Dyno how to respond in an emergency.

Remember Simon Says? This is Yello Dyno's charming version. Yello Dyno's own voice (embedded in PowerPoint CD) and songs from the Can't Fool Me! CD combine with body movements to help integrate valuable emergency information deep into the child's memory. This means "right action" in case of danger.

The child's cognitive capacity is enhanced by playing the Yello Dyno Sez game. Through trial and error, problem solving, and discriminating between relevant and irrelevant information, the child will be able to apply the knowledge and experience to real life situations.

Section from the Teacher's Lesson Plan and Script
Yello Dyno Sez! PowerPoint
Yello Dyno's Voice on PowerPoint CD:

Ha! Ha! Ha! Yah! Hey! Let’s play a game!
It’s called “Yello Dyno Sez!”
We play it just like “Simon Says,” but it’s a lot more fun!
Y’all know how to play “Simon Says,” don’t ya?
Now, if Yello Dyno says to do something, ya gotta do it.
But if I don’t say “Yello Dyno Sez” before I ask you to do something, then don’t do it!

“Yello Dyno Sez” is a game about Tricky People, so watch out, ‘cause we’re gonna try an’ trick ya.
We’re gonna try an’ trick ya just like Tricky People do.
It’s fun to learn the tricks of Tricky People. That way you can always out smart ‘em.

Remember, Here’s how we play. If I say “Yello Dyno says, scratch your head,” then you scratch your head. O.K.? But if I say “scratch your head” without saying “Yello Dyno says” then you scratch your head, yooooourrrrr OUT!

You gotta leave the game. Sorry.
Last person standing wins! Yah! O.K. Let’s practice before we start the real game! Everybody ready?

Yello Dyno says, "Stand on one foot.”
Yello Dyno says, "Pat your head.”
“Pat your tummy.”
Oh, Oh! I didn’t say Yello Dyno says! So if you patted your tummy then you are out.

Now let’s play Yello Dyno Sez.

The Yello Dyno Method
is taught in every curriculum.

Safety Lessons taught include emergency lessons such as those learned in Yello Dyno's song,
Help Me Operator!
where children learn their phone numbers, how to call 911 and what to say so it is not considered a prank call. They also learn their personal vital information. Additionally, parents are involved in gathering personal information and creating a family emergency plan.

Includes Review of Key Lessons :
Yello Dyno's Safety Rule: You have the right to be safe.

Yello Dyno's Safety Rule: Tricky People, it's what they ask you to do that matters.

Yello Dyno's Safety Rule:Take three steps back and run like the wind!

Yello Dyno's Safety Rule: Don't keep secrets that make you feel unsafe. Tell an adult you trust.

Yello Dyno's Safety Rule: My Body's Mine, Mine, Mine!

Curriculum Materials
The Teacher Lesson Book and Script
Yello Dyno Sez! PowerPoint CD
The Can’t Fool Me! DVD
The Can’t Fool Me! CD
Raising Safe Kids In An Unsafe World
Teacher Handbook
Yello Dyno’s Fun Way to Safe Kids Song and Lesson Book
Safety Rules! Jumbo poster for classrooms (Full color, 17 X 22)
Yello Dyno's Phone Home Student Information Handout for parents.

Note: Some materials are repeated in all curricula so several different teachers in the school can reinforce the lessons. Example: The video, Can’t Fool Me!, can be used by a substitute teacher. The music can be played while students are working on projects or music teachers can teach the safety songs. Materials can also be put in the library for parents.

Worried about test scores? Worried about safe kids? Breathe a sigh of relief. Add fun back into your work and learning for kids with a touch of delightful unpredictablity to capture attention. "We looked! then we saw him step in on the mat! We looked! And we saw him! The Cat in the Hat! And he said to us, 'Why do you sit there like that? I know it is wet and the sun is not sunny. But we can have lots of good fun that is funny!' " -The Cat In The Hat by Dr. Seuss Educator Ordering.


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The Yell Dyno Memo: …A Bippo-no-Bungus from the wilds of Hippo-no-Hungus...

Parents are spending 1/3 less time with their children as compared to 30 years ago, and fewer than 5% of American children see their grandparents regularly.
-David Hamburg-President, The Carnegie Corporation.

Research has shown that the absence of a parent from the home increases the child's risk. In addition, interviews with perpetrators suggest that they look for vulnerable children. Such children are young and appear to be isolated, depressed or lonely.
-NCPCA 1996.

A child's play with words, including singsong games and rhymes that accompany games ..., can help him master semantics, practice spontaneous rhyming, and foster word play. Play takes many forms, but the heart of play is pleasure — an important component in learning. - By Bruce Duncan Perry, M.D., Ph.D.

Yello Dyno Sez! Curriculum

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Each curriculum has a pop-up window with the description of the lessons on Educator Ordering.

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