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"I always read your Yello Dyno Memo tip to toe. There is no better e-zine out there for child safety... Your stuff is tough, factual, and fun - and we love it." - Hjordes Norman, educator & parents

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Founder and President
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As the Yello Dyno Founder, Jan has drawn together some of the finest and most respected people in the child safety arena. Through her vision, inspiration, and tireless efforts, the Yello Dyno team has created America's leading vitimization prevention program.

Jan is an expert on victimization prevention education and child abuse prevention. Her book, "Raising Safe Kids In An Unsafe World", has sold over 150,000 copies. It is considered by many authorities to be one of the most important books written on this subject. The Foreword is by Gavin de Becker, author of "The Gift of Fear", on the NY Times Bestseller List for four months. The Preface is by Seth Goldstein, Esq., author of "The Sexual Exploitation of Children", the handbook for law enforcement on preferential child molesters.

As creator of the scientifically based Yello Dyno Method™, Jan has pioneered the non-fearful, musically-driven approach to child safety education. She has also authored many other award-winning educational tools including two powerful videos, Can’t Fool Me! and Tricky People! Yello Dyno’s curricula are being taught in thousands of communities and schools. Over three million children across the country have been taught Yello Dyno Curricula since 1987.

Her creative background and insight as a caring, working mother has allowed her to communicate simply and effectively with children, parents and educators, providing crucial child safety knowledge in a way no one else has accomplished.

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Questions? Need more information ? Call Barbara toll free 888-935-5639, extension 104, or contact us by e-mail. We look forward to helping you select the training, curricula, materials, and programs that will meet your safety needs.


For a preview of Jan's presentation style, watch this informative 3-minute video.

Learn why Yello Dyno is so successful at keeping kids safe. (three-minute video )

  Picture of the cover of the book, Raising Safe Kids In An Unsafe World by Jan Wagner, Founder of Yello Dyno Child Protection Specialists

Raising Safe Kids
by Jan Wagner

30 Proven Ways To Protect Your Child From Becoming Lost, Abducted, Abused, or Victimized , Yell Dyno Founder, featuring a foreword by Gavin de Becker, best selling author of The Gift of Fear.
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This indispensable handbook, Raising Safe Kids on personal safety, is included in every Yello Dyno Curriculum.



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