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Yello Dyno® Success Stories
True stories from parents who have used the Yello Dyno Program.

Linda and her boys.



Angie's Family


Linda's Story

I went to my uncle's once a week and was told, "Go sit on Uncle Ray's lap. He wants to give you a hug and a kiss" and I hated it because I knew what was going to follow and all those things that nobody else saw and so I was made to do that. I didn't feel like I had a choice. I certainly didn't feel like I could pop up and say, "Excuse me. Do you understand what you're telling me? Do you know what you're telling me it's okay for him to do? Because it's not just a hug, it's not just a kiss."

If these kids learn now that they can say "No", they don't want you to hug them, then they'll also learn that they can say "No" to other things and protect themselves.

My own children have listened to the music and we've talked, I talked to both of them about the Yello Dyno presentation they saw. This is such an important program, given all the things that kids are faced with today. They need these tools to build themselves, build their own self-esteem because they're not getting it from extended family. They don't have the roots and they're trying to build a life above ground and there's nothing below the ground, there's no roots to stand on and I think that this helps them develop their own roots, as opposed to depending on family and extended family to build those roots for them. They need to do it themselves and they need all the tools we can give them and this is a very important tool for them.

My, nine year old, sitting next to me, just said, "Those are the seeds, Mom." That's it. We can't give them the roots, so we're giving them the seeds to grow their own.

Listen to Linda in her own voice.
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Kristine's Story

We have three girls ages 6, 4 and 1 1/2. My husband, Wayne and I are both teachers. I work with children who have a learning disability and Wayne is a science teacher.
Last spring our parent group had a guest speaker, Julie LeMoine. She shared The Yello Dyno knowledge and products that help parents prevent abduction and abuse of their children. I was very unfamiliar with the subject. I thought that when kids are little you don’t have to think about talking to them about these things. After listening to Julie, I decided to start teaching my girls right now. I purchased the music, Can’t Fool Me! and my kids love the tape. My oldest daughter, Brook, was five and she just picked right up on the music. Because of the lyrics, she would bring up questions in every day conversation and I could answer her in such a comfortable way. She wouldn’t be scared. She was so interested in learning. Yello Dyno really helped me open up the doors of communication. There are so many images and phrases that helped her learn. I really liked the image of the apple. Where most apples look good but occasionally one has a worm inside.That was a wonderful way to express that some people who look good on the outside may not be good on the inside. Personal safety is a hard concept for little children but you have made it so they can understand. I now cover everything with my kids.

What surprised me the most was that I needed the Yello Dyno knowledge to protect myself. The high school, where I teach, is on the outskirts of our small rural town. I like to take a walk at lunchtime. I remember going down the road, by myself and this man stopped his truck near me. He stepped out and came over. He was a lot bigger than me. He wanted help with directions. He made me feel really uncomfortable. He was very aggressive and he kept trying to engage me in conversation. He had the nerve to reach down and touch the necklace on my chest and that really hit home. I knew I could be in real trouble. Then I remembered the phrase"take three steps back" and that’s what I did. I put distance between us and then I got out of there. My confident action ended the encounter. He was gone in no time. I shared this experience with Brook. She told her friends how mom took three steps back and got away. Brook has grown up a lot in the last year and I can see that this has given her a confidence. I want to raise my daughters confident enough to be able to say "no" and be safe when they are teens and dating. You know once you understand how to help your own children you can’t help but share it with other parents and children.
Yello Dyno has been a blessing altogether. Really it’s been wonderful. Thank you.



Angie's Story

One day last year, my three children and I had been walking through the park. There was a big festival going on and there were probably thousands of people. I turned around and my daughter had walked one way and we had walked the other. I panicked because I didn't see her anywhere. Fortunately she knew what to do. She found a police officer and told him, " Her mommy was lost, but it was okay because she'd be back real soon!" It was almost verbatim quoting the words from the song and it just warmed my heart that she knew what to do at the age of four. She wasn't scared. I was the one who was in hysterics and crying and it's so funny because she looked at me and said, "It's okay, Mom." And she started laughing and she said, "That's just like the song. You'll be laughing and crying. I never understood that, but now I know what it means!" and to me, I thought that was kind of funny that that was the part she decided to understand at that particular moment because the other just sunk in and that was that one part of the song she didn't understand. Why would mom laugh and cry at the same time? Well, I was so happy to see her, yet so hysterical for losing her.

Listen to Angie in her own voice.
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Joanna's Story

My daughter, Joanna, is 12 years old and goes to the 6th grade at the middle school. After school, Joanna goes over to the elementary playground. It is only a block away. She likes it there because it is a really fun playground. There are always teachers on the playground until 4:30. Joanna waits there for me or my brother, Daryl, to pick her up.

On this day she was walking with two friends to the elementary school playground. The two friends decided to go to Burger King so they turned left. Joanna went on by herself. When the other kids were out of sight, she saw a man who made her feel uncomfortable. He seemed to be following her. Before she knew it, he was walking next to her. He looked around 40 years old and was wearing a pair of blue jeans and a white t-shirt. He had a small afro hair style. He tried to engage her in a conversation and walked along with her. He asked her, " Are you walking home?" She said, "No." After that, she didn't answer when he asked her questions. She knew not to talk to him. She knew to "cut the conversation." He said, "Your books must be heavy. Do you want a ride?" She started to feel really scared. She began walking faster. Then she remembered, get "three steps away and run like the wind!" And that's what she did. She ran like the wind till she was inside the gate to the fenced in playground. There she felt safe. She never looked back to see where he was.

When I came to pick her up, I noticed right away that something was wrong. She told me what happened and we notified the principals and then the school security spoke with us. The principals said they would make sure everyone was alerted to the danger.

Joanna and I have listened many times to The Can't Fool Me! CD. The line "take three steps back and run like the wind!" came right back to her when she needed it. Joanna laughed when she told her Uncle Daryl how she ran like the wind! She feels good about herself for doing the right thing. She is more confident and feels she now knows better how to take care of herself. I have told her many times to watch out for strangers but the words to Yello Dyno's song, "Tricky People" are what she remembered. I'm so thankful I took the time to teach her how to stay safe. Really, I never wanted to think it might happen to my child but it did. Thank God she's safe.


P.S. It is particularly scary to think that this could happen in a very middle class neighborhood on a street with three schools and lots of adults watching out for children. Knowing that Joanna has the personal knowledge to protect herself is what makes me feel that she is safe when I am not with her.

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