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The Book
Raising Safe Kids In An Unsafe World

Law Enforcement, Educators, and Child Safety Professionals

"What a shame I didn't have Jan Wagner's parent handbook, Raising Safe Kids The book's simple and non-fearful guidelines to child security can be a lifesaver for your child."
- Seth L. Goldstein, J.D., author and leading child exploitation expert

"In law enforcement I see what goes on: I worked the cases of the physical, sexual, and mental abuse of children in my last position. Plus I have two daughters, ages two and four, so Raising Safe Kids really hit home with me. I thought the book was very well written and very down-to-earth. When you are dealing with a sensitive topic like this you have to speak on a level parents can understand. Raising Safe Kids covers a lot of issues parents don't know about or do not normally think about and discuss with their children. Some parents live in a dream world thinking 'this is not going to happen to me,' so they do not take precautions. For example, they let their child sleep over at a friend's house without checking out the family first. The knowledge in Raising Safe Kids won't stop the predators, but it can educate parents about the predators. I can tell that a lot of time and effort went into researching and writing this book. It's filled with important information, yet it's easy to read. I read the whole book in an hour and a half. Since I'm busy with a career and family I don't have much time in my life; this book is just the right size. It's the type of book you stay with till the end."
- Lt. Janet Hornbeck, Police Officer, Houston, Texas

  Parents and Grandparents

    "Opening and reading Raising Safe Kids will be the most rewarding thing you could ever do for your children."
    - Michael De Luca, parent, Rocky Point, NY

    "I am excited about what Raising Safe Kids means for children. If the author could teach us personally she would, but that's impractical and this book gives you time to read a little, put it down and digest it, then pick it up again and read on. Because it is full of information which a caring parent cannot afford to miss, every parent should finish it to the end for the full impact and benefit."
    - Melody C. Gibson, parent and grandparent, Mukilteo, WA

    "I found this book to be interesting, informative, well written, captivating, and compelling . . . I stayed awake until 2:00 a.m. to finish reading it!"
    - Mary Cicero, parent, Austin, TX

    "I have been soaking up all the information like a sponge! Finally, everything I should know in one place. My children thank you. I thank you."
    - Susan Bodulow, parent, Petaluma, CA

    More from the Experts

    "Raising Safe Kids is sensitively and carefully compiled with compassionate parental and expert input. It doesn't pander to fear, which can only exacerbate the problem of denial by children and parents. Raising Safe Kids comes from a parent's heart through an author's pen and accomplishes its goal, which is to better equip parents in keeping their loved ones safer."
    - Melody C. Gibson, parent, grandparent, and Executive Director / Co-Founder of OPERATION LOOKOUT / The National Center for Missing Youth, Mukilteo, WA

    "This is exactly what we in the child abuse investigation arena have been trying to say to parents for years. It is very important and useful information. Being a member of any government agency our hands are tied by limited resources and we cannot discuss with every parent these types of issues - Raising Safe Kids says it all."
    - Major Calvin Jackson (USAF, Ret.), former child abuse investigator, Charlotte, North Carolina

    "Without question, parents who educate themselves and their children with the basic safety knowledge are empowered to act responsively rather than react helplessly to child abuse and abduction. The knowledge in Raising Safe Kids should be in every parent's hands."
    - Dr. George Jones, parent, minister, and former investigator, Lynchburg, Virginia

    "Great action portion - I can see myself teaching this to parents at evening sessions at my school and I can see me teaching to kids in my counseling advisory classes."
    - Carene Johnson, parent and teacher, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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