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"I always read your e-zine. There is no better e-zine out there for child safety...
Your stuff is tough, factual, and fun - and we love it."

Hjordes Norman, educator & parent

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Yello Dyno Program protects children form child predators
Jan Wagner, Founder of Yello Dyno Jan's Bio

Expert & Advocate
Jan is a leading expert on preventing the victimization of children. Her book, Raising Safe Kids In An Unsafe World (30 Simple Ways To Protect Your Child From Becoming Lost, Abducted or Abused), which features a foreword by
Gavin de Becker, best-selling author of The Gift of Fear
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(Acrobat pdf format - 56K)

As the founder of Yello Dyno, Jan has pioneered the non-fearful method of child safety education. Musically-driven and presented by the cool and caring Yello Dyno, The Fun Way To Safe Kids is a joyful and highly effective alternative to the traditional, and often scary, institutional approach to child safety and abuse prevention.

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To schedule an interview, please contact my publicist...
Jean Brandolini

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Jan Wagner
512-288-2882 x100

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Articles have been published in The Washington Post, The L.A. Times, The Boston Chronicle, The New York Times, and The Philadelphia Enquirer, as well as many other national and regional papers and parenting publications. Articles have appeared online at CNN (Web MD) and other websites (links provided this page, left column).

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Interviews have been presented on hundreds of local, regional, and national radio shows, and many appearances on regional television.

Speaking engagements have been given at numerous conventions, such as the National Organization of Women Legislators (NOWLS) Convention, and National Safe Schools, as well as hundreds of presentations to parents, educators, law enforcement, and community service groups throughout the United States.

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Press Release: 9-Year-Old Boy Escapes Abductor Thanks to Yello Dyno

Children are on their own when predators attack or deceive. They must know how to recognize deceptive behavior that means danger and how to avoid or remove themselves from dangerous encounters, whether from a stranger, acquaintance, or relative. We, modern humans, are the only species that does not instinctively and systematically train its young in survival skills.

Most children are a blank slate when it comes to personal safety. If they are given the knowledge on how to handle a dangerous situation, then they will not have to guess at what to do. In a life or death situation, do we want our children guessing?

As the mother of an 21-year-old boy, I can tell you that if you dropped him in a war zone in Iraq without training, his survival would be unlikely. But with training and a support network, there is a very high probability that he would return home. So why do we drop off our young each day, unprepared, and drive off hoping everything will be OK?

We should not, however, underestimate children. They are amazing. A 4-year-old can step out of a life-threatening situation - IF they know what to do. They just have to be taught the right knowledge. Knowledge that can be taught through a method that ensures automatic, involuntary recall of right action in a crisis -- The Yello Dyno Method™, -- a non-fearful and musically-based system.

You can make the difference. Bring Yello Dyno to your airwaves and publications. You win, our children win, and the predators lose. Now, that would really be a newsworthy story, wouldn't it?

I look forward to hearing from you.

P.S. Raising Safe Kids by Jan Wagner, Yell Dyno Founder, Features a foreword by Gavin de Becker, best-selling author of The Gift of Fear To download Gavin's Intro
(Acrobat pdf format - 56K)

"If you cannot conquer your own unwarranted fears, can you soothe those of your child? The Yello Dyno Method™ helps answer these questions. As important, since Yello Dyno is entertaining, I’ve found that children remember the vital lessons, and that is not the case with many of the traditional approaches to teaching about safety."

- Gavin de Becker


















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