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I always read your Yello Dyno Memo tip to toe. There is no better e-zine out there for child safety. Yello Dyno covers the right topics in the right manner (thank-you for not dumbing down this e-zine) and is not afraid to tackle harder issues like violence in the media and in the games we allow our children to play. Your stuff is tough, factual, and fun - and we love it.
- Hjordes Norman,
educator & parent

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"Imagination is more important than knowledge." -Albert Einstein


Founder jan Wagner and Why Yello Dyno Protects Children From Child Predators
Nine-year-old boy uses Yello Dyno
training to escape abductor.


A Rational Decision? Don't Bet On It.
“Though they might be loathe to acknowledge it, even the most analytical people likely rely on emotions when making the simplest decisions that affect their lives, according to a brain imaging study being presented by Dr. Dean Shibata at the 87th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America. - RSNA 2001 News From Science to Patient Care

"... Our imaging research supports the idea that every time you have to make choices in your personal life, you need to 'feel' the projected emotional outcome of each choice - subconsciously, or intuitively. That feeling guides you and gives you a motivation to make the best choice, often in a split second," - Personal decisions exercise the emotional part of the brain - Walter Neary, Nov. 26, 2001,

We educate our students with the intent and hope that they will make the best choices in their life. Who are the most successful teachers? It's easy to find out. Who are the teachers you remember most from your childhood? I’ll bet a vivid image pops up and a smile spontaneously comes over your face as you remember them.They beleived in you. They affected the course of your life and you have based many decisions consciously or unconsciously on your experiences with them. They passed on their spark, their passion for life and learning, by making it relevent to you. That experience carries emotional memory.

"If you eliminate the emotional guiding factors, it's impossible to make decisions in daily life," stated Dean Shibata, assistant professor of radiology at the University of Washington. - RSNA 2001 News From Science to Patient Care"

Children experience the emotionally charged Yello Dyno Yell as they envision yelling specific phrases to get out of danger.

Teaching children personal safety is one of the most challenging subjects. A child can be left open to tragedy if they do not remember the lessons. To ensure that children make the best decision in a crisis, Yello Dyno includes the emotional guiding factors.

Because music always reaches our emotions, The Yello Dyno Method™ uses music to impart key safety lessons. For example, the lyrics from the song, Tricky People!, "Take three steps back and run like the wind!" leaves children with a joyous image of running like the wind, but the underlying message "get away if someone makes you feel unsafe" is there. In a time of crisis these lyrics come right back and, energized with right knowledge, children act accordingly to stay safe.

" Studies have shown that the emotion accompanying an idea or image causes it to realize itself - the more emotion, the more quickly the idea becomes reality. By using music to evoke emotions, you give your fantasy a passionate, single-minded energy that can propel it right into your life. Or as Billy Ocean once put it, ‘...outta my dreams and into my car.’" - Reality Begins with Imagination, Robin Frederick


Yello Dyno has made personal safety a reality for over 3 million children by teaching the Yello Dyno Lessons which are charged with emotional energy. Yello Dyno kids make the best choices, often in a split second, as the memory of right action comes back to them and they make the decison to step out of danger from people who mean them harm. Propel the safety of your children "outta your dreams and into your life" by using Yello Dyno's research-based curricula, programs and products.The emotional guiding factor is there. Will you grab hold and run with it?

Yours for child safety,

Jan Wagner
Yello Dyno Founder


P.S. To have a Yello Dyno Curriculum sent risk free to review for thirty days call me at 888-935-5639 ext. 100 or email me at

No Child Left Behind? Victimization of a child is at the core of a child’s inability to learn. "Over four million children sit in our classrooms in a state of anxiety that makes it impossible for them to learn." *5- An Interview with Bruce Perry, MD, PHD by Lou Bank

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