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I always read your Yello Dyno Memo tip to toe. There is no better e-zine out there for child safety. Yello Dyno covers the right topics in the right manner (thank-you for not dumbing down this e-zine) and is not afraid to tackle harder issues like violence in the media and in the games we allow our children to play. Your stuff is tough, factual, and fun - and we love it.
- Hjordes Norman,
educator & parent

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A Bippo-no-Bungus from the wilds of Hippo-no-Hungus

Or a Tizzle-Topped Tufted Mazurka from the African Island of Yerka. If you were to ask Dr. Seuss how he ever thought up such animals his answer would be disarmingly to the point, ‘Why, I’ve been to most of those places myself, so the names are from memory,"’ explains Roy Williams, in his best-selling book, Magical World of the Wizard of Ads. Roy continues his intriguing analysis with the following.

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Young Elephants and Violence in the Media

The elephant as portrayed in Disney’s children’s movie, "Dumbo," and seen performing circus tricks, has long been a happy childhood memory. But an opposite image of young elephants has recently caught our attention.

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Fat is an answer to a problem rather than a problem itself.

The Correlation between Overweight and Obese Children and Victimization

1. The Effects of Child Victimization
2. Fat is an answer to a problem rather than a problem itself.
3. The code for fat in America is CHECKING OUT.
4. Victimization leads to low self–esteem then they CHECK OUT by becoming overweight.
5. Yello Dyno = Emotional Wellness

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Terrorism: School Shootings or Airplane Bombings

1. Pre-emptive: Interrupt Before It Becomes Tactical.
2. Recognizing someone carrying a hidden gun.

A YouTube video of a teen boy pulling out many weapons including a full sized shotgun and automatic submachine gun from under his shirt and inside pants was shown on our blog, Around Jan’s Kitchen Table. A lot of you responded. The image was shocking and deeply disturbing. The boy looks like a normal teen with a big T and baggy pants. Not unusual. At a casual glance nothing seems out of place.

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One Teacher and One Child: Sailing the Sea of Japan

With overwhelming day to day responsibilites the powerful and positive influence we embue in the children we teach is easily missed. This story as told by Roy Williams in his Monday Morning Memo of 8/15/08 is an inspiring reminder of why you chose to help children. Audio Version

Elizabeth was a young Quaker girl who fell happily in love and got married in 1929. “Morgan Vining, my husband, swept my little boat out of the shallows into the sunlit depths of life’s stream and we had almost five years together before, in a single moment, he was gone.

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Don't Look for Child Predators.
Instead See and Register Relevant Behavior.

In my last memo I focused on Blind Spots. Those who mean our children harm, child predators, learn to move in our “blind spots”. They give us the signals that lull us into a state of comfort: a friendly smile, an appearance we deem safe, a discussion we agree on, or a friend or group that we have in common. Soon, we surrender our vigilance. The predator takes up residence in our blind spots and our children are enter the danger zone. My intention for this memo is to help you remove your blind spots by helping you to be in the "NOW".

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Identify A Child Predator Before They Strike!
The Eight Red Flags

With sex offender registries we are reducing predators' opportunities to harm again. We are watching! But do we really know how to spot predators and how many have never entered the legal system?...

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The Recipe for Making Kids Into Killers
Part IV: Violent Behavior Is The Solution To Problems: The Video Game Tells Me So.

"The interactive quality, the intensity of the violence, the physiological reactions, all serve to connect the player’s feelings of exhilaration and accomplishment directly to the violent images of video games. And “good” feelings keep the player wanting to play more."...

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The Recipe for Making Kids Into Killers
Part III: Do you think killing your teacher will solve your problem?

Think back to the news coverage of 911. Over and over again we saw the towers crumbling. Since then, based on the violence formula, the media has had their hands full keeping us in “high alert.” “The ‘violence formula’ assumes that the more graphic and gratuitous the violence, the more viewers will watch. It works fairly well until levels of violence in real life become comparable to what’s on the screen. Then the novelty wears. And the violence levels need to be increased.”
- Stop Teaching Our Kids To Kill, Lt. Col. Grossman and G. DeGaetano

In the myriad studies done over the last four decades, experts have found three basic negative effects from exposure to screen violence: increased aggression, increased fear, and desensitization to real-life and screen violence. Let’s take a look...

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The Recipe for Making Kids Into Killers
Part II: Pretending To Be Freddie Krueger: First Imitation, Then Identification

Here’s a scary scenario: A seven-year-old boy described a deliberate attempt to reduce his own fear by identifying with a character in A Nightmare on Elm Street. 'It was easy,' he said, 'I pretended I was Freddy Krueger. Then I wasn’t scared. Now that’s what I always do and I am never scared.' Since identifying with an aggressive hero can increase real-life aggression, this tactic for reducing fear is chilling indeed.

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The Recipe for Making Kids Into Killers: A IV Part Series
Part I: Long-Term Exposure to Violence in the Media: Children are constantly learning that harming is fun, “natural,” and the “right” thing to do.

Never before has a society on such a massive scale sat toddlers in front of harrowing brutality nor allowed their children and teens to use vicarious deviancy that fosters violence, mayhem, and murder as real-life amusement. Television shows, movies and video games–are they literally teaching our kids to kill?

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This Yello Dyno Memo will energize you! Five year old Kasey saves her own life.

In less than a year, three horrific events have been thwarted by the children themselves using their Yello Dyno training. Whether a parent, educator or counselor; in law enforcement, social work or a ministry, most of us have more than we can possibly do in a day. Yet, we have all chosen to stop child predators. Those seemingly small Yello Dyno lessons you taught children over the last school year have paid off again and again. So read on and cheer!

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Juvenile Sex Offenders - Righteous Warfare or Windmills?

In our earnest efforts to address the significant problem of sex offenders, we are including juveniles on public registries with adult child molesters who have clearly violated age and legal boundaries.

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Do child predators bamboozle you? Devlin's attorneys are counting on it.

Epidemics, such as the Bird Flu, AIDS and plagues, conjure up universal fear. News of horrific suffering alerts the whole world to take action. In recent years a new class of contagious epidemic has evolved.

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Curing the Black Plague of School Shootings
2006 - The Worst Year So Far.

I've been duped, bamboozled, conned, hoodwinked, and tricked - by whom? Yes, these synonyms for "victimized" would have you believe no harm is done.

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You might as well be arguing with your dog – reacting correctly in a crisis...

A sleepy, uneventful night like most nights is the norm in a small, rural Texas town. But this night's events flipped the town inside out. Step into a little four-year-old girl's shoes for just a moment.

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Do we waltz into danger?

"Anthropologists who study vervets find that they have been known to waltz into a thicket, ignoring a fresh trail of python tracks, and then act stunned when they actually come across the snake itself.This doesn’t mean that vervets are stupid: they are very sophisticated when it comes to questions that have to do with other vervets.

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Are You Barking Up the Wrong Tree for Better Test Scores?

"The world's top academic countries place a high value on music education. Hungary, Netherlands and Japan stand atop worldwide science achievement and have strong commitment to music education. All three countries have required music training at the elementary and middle school levels, both instrumental and vocal, for several decades. The centrality of music education to learning in the top-ranked countries seems to contradict the United States' focus on math, science, vocabulary, and technology."

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Living Miracles - One in three Americans will develop cancer in their lifetimes. One in three girls will experience sexual abuse before the age of 18.

You’re sitting in your doctor’s office, hearing the words, “You have cancer.” First, denial engulfs you, “You must be mistaken,” then a tidal wave of fear sweeps through triggering memories of friends who suffered terribly before they passed away, then you hear death knocking at your door, all in a flash of a few seconds.

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In a dominant male monkey, stimulation of an area of the temporal lobe produced a rage response: teeth baring and attack...

To social psychologist Albert Bandura, this finding of Jose Delgado (Bandura, 1979) suggested that direct stimulation of brain systems was never a direct cause of aggression, but that aggression always had learned aspects to it.

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You're on a plane sitting next to a strange man, unbeknownst to you he's a convicted sexual predator...

The fantasy world that lives inside his mind has no door for outward expression in a cramped seat surrounded by 200 witnesses. Social structure creates a protective pattern of behavior that allows you to complete your journey safely.

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Now millions of Dr. Jekylls and Mr. Hydes may have a key to your diary, and you've given it to them...

Thanks to NBC's "Dateline", America is getting a first-hand look at the deceptive online behavior of Tricky People long hidden in the shadows of our society.

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Lessons from history can teach us the future.

According to Howe and Strauss, history demonstrates that the American society has had forty-year cycles, starting in 1584, and they project these cycles through 2069. The two dominant cycles are the Civic and the Idealist.

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My thoughts for a truly meaningful gift: Your life and your daughter’s life have become intertwined like two ropes, joined in a knot.

And that’s a good thing. It gives you both something to hang onto. If you love your daughter, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

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Margaret, Mabel and Jimmy - Real Things are Often Bigger than the News

Mabel is a widow deep in poverty with two hungry children of her own. Washing other people's laundry ten hours a day, Mabel earns barely enough money to keep them fed.

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Hurricane Katrina is sending Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde to a street near you... (Pedophiles near you?)

In just a blink of an eye Hurricane Katrina smashed the safety net designed to track and control over 4,000 sex offenders living in the devastated areas.

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Correcting the Stranger Danger Myth to Avert Tragedy

Once upon a time Chicken Little was scratching in her garden when a pebble fell off the roof and hit her on the head. "Oh, dear me!" she cried, "The sky is falling. I must go and tell the King," and away she ran down the road.

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An Image of Young Elephants: Violence in the Media

The elephant as portrayed in Disney’s children’s movie, "Dumbo," and seen performing circus tricks, has long been a happy childhood memory. But an opposite image of young elephants has recently caught our attention....

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Red Lake High School Shooting

The entire rampage took about 10 minutes at Red Lake High School, second only to the Columbine school shooting in American history. Did we miss survival signals that would have avoided this tragedy?...

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"A Bippo-no-Bungus from the wilds of Hippo-no-Hungus or a Tizzle-Topped Tufted Mazurka from the African Island of Yerka..."

If you were to ask Dr. Seuss how he ever thought up such animals his answer would be disarmingly to the point...

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A Mystery is unfolding in Sri Lanka.

"No elephants are dead, not even a dead hare or rabbit," said H.D. Ratnayake, deputy director of Sri Lanka's Wildlife Department. "I think animals can sense disaster..."

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You're the luckiest human being in the world.

It’s Nov. 6th, 2004, the crash of helmets echo against an unnatural silence in UT’s locker room at half time. A thought hangs like a cloud over the team...Oklahoma State played a perfect half of football. This is unbelievable! We’re down thirty-five to fourteen.

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What feels as good as chocolate?

What feels as good as chocolate on the tongue or money in the bank but won't make you fat or risk a subpoena from the Securities and Exchange Commission? ...Scientists have discovered that the small, brave act of cooperating with another person, of choosing trust over cynicism, generosity over selfishness, makes the brain light up with quiet joy.

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A Rational Decision? Don't Bet On It

“Though they might be loathe to acknowledge it, even the most analytical people likely rely on emotions when making the simplest decisions that affect their lives...

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Doing Well vs. Doing Good

“Donald Trump has been doing well all his life. But Agnes Bojaxhiu spent her life doing good. Agnes Bojaxhiu made a positive difference in the lives of others. I wonder if the same will be said of the Donald?

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