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"I always read your Yello Dyno Memo tip to toe. There is no better e-zine out there for child safety... Your stuff is tough, factual, and fun - and we love it." - Hjordes Norman, educator & parents

Recognizing Excellence
in Childhood Education

Welcome Educators

The Yello Dyno Child Protection Program meets State and Federal Mandates and is
Researched: An Evidence-Based Program.
Yello Dyno offers curricula, products, programs and training for all those who educate children and parents. There is a separate section for parents who want to teach their own children.

Protect your students from becoming victims of: Bullies, Abductors, Abusers, Sexual Abusers, Drug Pushers, Internet Stalkers, and Violent Kids.

Yello Dyno Teacher Friendly Curricula are
age appropriate, ranging from preschool through sixth grade.
The Yello Dyno Method, with memory-enhanced music, specially created videos, and easy-to-follow teacher scripts, means little preparation time is needed, make teaching what is normally a difficult subject, easy and effective.

Here's where to start...

1. The Yello Dyno Method
Learn how it works, and what we mean when we say that The Yello Dyno Method™ is “the foundation for all anti-victimization programs.”

2. Yello Dyno Pro Curricula
Explore each curriculum’s content, materials, titles, age groups, and costs.

3. Yello Dyno Products
Yello Dyno's DVD's and CD and make teaching a difficult subject easy.

4. Training, Workshops, Conferences
To learn more about training, workshops, and conferences available for districts, regions, and states.

5. Research: Evidence-Based Program
Study examples of research by REdS (Research and Educational Services Evaluation Specialists) and ISDs nationwide, which demonstrate the effectiveness of the Yello Dyno Pro Curricula.

6. Legislative Mandates
Breathe easy – Yello Dyno meets the requirements of laws mandating anti-victimization education.

7. Statistics
Find key statistics to validate the need for prevention education for your students, with links to additional information.

7. Links to Users of Yello Dyno
See which Texas and New York ISDs, non-profits, churches, and law enforcement agencies use Yello Dyno.

9. Expert Reviewers
Read what other educators have to say about using Yello Dyno in their classrooms.

10. Funding Sources
Reap the benefits from Title I-VII, Safe and Drug Free and other funding sources.

11. Educator Ordering
Why is it that we wait until something bad happens to take action? Let's not wait until there is a catastrophe and it's too late to protect our children. Yello Dyno is HERE NOW, it's EASY and AFFORDABLE, it's READY to come to your aid. The safe schools and teachers, the grateful parents, and the happy children will thank you for being proactive. As Yello Dyno says, "Safety Rules!"

Questions? Need more information for funding? Call Barbara (512)288-2882 or contact us by e-mail. We look forward to helping you select the curricula, materials, training, and programs that will meet your safety needs.



Over 3 million children safer since 1987

Learn why Yello Dyno will help you keep your students safe.
(three-minute video)

Yello Dyno brochure: curricula/products protect children from child predators
four-page color brochure (155K - includes Curricula Descriptions, Benefits and Key Expert Quotes.
Adobe Acrobat Reader Format

Watch the Yello Dyno curriculum
being taught. (2-minute video)

Watch these true stories:

Annie and Joanna: Two True Stories,Two Different Endings

Pictured: The Safety Party Curriculum, Grades PreK-1 with the three-foot Yello Dyno Puppet. The Yello Dyno Puppet is a great addition for PreK through 3rd Grade but is not required for presenting the programs.


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